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Line Profile Tool

The Line Profile Tool lets you create and view line profiles of images. It allows an unlimited number of line profiles to be added to the same graph. You can add line profiles from multiple images and from multiple viewports. It also contains a sub-pixel edge detector for finding edges. The tool will also show you where your found edge was found by placing cross-hairs on the image that correspond to the found edges. And of course, all of this functionality is also provided in our underlying object oriented API (OOP API).

Quite often in image processing, you need to compare two or more line profiles to distinguish some characteristic of one image from another image. To do this easily, you need the two line profile curves displayed on the same graph. Using this tool, you can easily accomplish this task of comparing two or more line profiles. As with all HLImage++ tools that use a graph to display image data, you can do the following:

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