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Blob Analysis Tool

The Blob Analysis tool performs blob analysis operations on an input image. It will find all blobs within the image and all of their children. There is no limit to the number of child blob levels for this tool. All blobs are treated as independent objects, so the same calculations are performed for all blobs, both parent and child. Instead of simply showing you the outline of a found blob (or one of its children), the blob tool creates a Freehand ROI for the found blob. This enables you to then use other tools on the found blob just as you would with any other ROI. You can even find blobs from different parts of the same image, all using a single blob tool (and you can have multiple blob tools open at the same time). This allows easy comparison of good and bad items in your images. The blob tool performs the following calibrated calculations for each blob (parent and child):

  1. Area
  2. Total Area
  3. Child Area
  4. Child Ratio
  5. X Centroid
  6. Y Centroid
  7. Number Of Children
  8. Perimeter
  9. X Perimeter
  10. Y Perimeter
  11. Roundness
  12. PPDA
  13. Average Radius
  14. Maximum Radius
  15. Maximum Radius Angle
  16. Minimum Radius
  17. Minimum Radius Angle
  18. Difference Radius Angle
  19. Radius Ratio
  20. Center Distance
  21. Plus over 45 additional measurements...

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