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Digital I/O Boards with HL Embedded

Package Price: $10,000.00
Number of Packages:      

This package includes 10 digital I/O boards, each with an HL Embedded runtime.


Single Computer Price: $995.00
Number of Licenses:      

The HLImage++ package includes:

Upgrade & Support Package

Single User Price: $995.00
Number of Users:      

The upgrade and support package entitles you to one year of:

  • Any new tools that are added to the main package
  • Any version upgrades that are released
  • Priority technical support

You may renew your upgrade and support package for future years.

Gene Array Analysis

Single Computer Price: $495.00
Number of Licenses:      

The HLImage++ Array Analysis Package contains everything you need to perform quick, accurate analysis of gene arrays.

Volume & Educational Discounts, Special Packages, and Related Products

Please contact our sales department for information about:

  • Volume discount pricing
  • Educational discounts
  • Customized packages that don't include all of the tools in the main package
  • Bundles with supported cameras

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