The Main Application of HLImage++ is that part of the software that loads all the imaging tools and lets them work together. Using this methodology, our supplied standard tools and your custom tools can all function together simultaneously.

The Main Application acts like a work bench letting you load, save, view, zoom, cut & past, scroll, print, etc… images that you need to work with. Then, depending on your task, you can choose from an assortment of supplied Imaging Tools from the Floating Tool Box to work on your image with.

The Main Application, shown here, provides all the functionality that is common to all imaging applications. This allows you, if needed, to add in only what is ‘custom’ to your specific application by way of a custom tool(s); freeing you from the duplication that is needed by most imaging applications.

Private Label:

If you are a system integrator or software provider faced with creating an imaging application from scratch, you may be interested in simply re-naming our main application and giving it a unique look. This gives your application the same power of the HLImage++ main application, the power of Point & Click Scripting, and the simplicity of using our already supported 3rd party hardware. This, in addition to your own custom tools, may give you a quick and easy path to market and at a fraction of the cost and time.