The HLImage++ DirectX Picture tool works with virtually any imaging hardware that supports DirectShow and that ships with a WDM DirectShow driver. If you are using a USB or 1394 camera and wish to use it with DirectShow, you will also need the manufacturers driver. Click on the links below to see step-by-step examples of how to install such drivers.


HLImage++ also has a 1.30 DCAM Picture tool that works with a HLI++ supplied 1.30 DCAM driver for excellent support of any 1.30 and later DCAM 1394a or 1394b camera. If you have a 1.30 DCAM or later camera, you do not need to get the driver from the manufacturer as you will use the supplied HLI++ DCAM driver.

The Picture Tools have been tested successfully with multiple USB and 1394a/b cameras such as: Sony, Hitachi, Unibrain, and several USB frame grabbers.


If you’re on a limited budget, USB 2.0 Frame Grabbers provide an excellent solution with a standard NTSC, PAL, or S-Video type camera. For example, the S928 grabber provides a wonderful image over a simple USB 2.0 port. Since it ships with a DirectShow driver, you’re all set for under $75.00. Call us if you’re on a limited budget and see if you qualify for a HLImage++ S928 combo. Download the following two step-by-step install documents to help you install the drivers for the S928 and similar devices.

If using USB Cameras or Frame grabbers, each device will have its own driver that is supplied by the manufacturer of the device. There are two basic ways to install such drivers for use with HLImage++. Download the following two step-by-step install documents to help you install your drivers.