Read what a few HLImage++ users are saying about our software:

“Once, again, nothing but praise for your company’s software package. It’s been a great help to us!”

John Ebersole, Creative Optics, Inc.

“The HLImage++ API is very straight forward and useful tool. It will save lots of my time.”

Soonsung Hong, Dept. of Materials Science and Mechanics, Michigan State University

“We use HLImage extensively for analyzing field-ion microscope images of nanometer size Au clusters. The blob analysis tool supplied with the software has been invaluable for this, enabling us to match simulated images to experimental images. We also use the picture tool to grab images from video tape, and it is much more powerful and intuitive to use than other programs we have used in the past, as are the other tools. All in all, it’s a great package.”

Dr. Dan Lovall, Purdue University

“Congratulations on a truly first rate product! (and what’s more – one that I can afford on my limited budget). Keep up the good work!”

Evan Bossett, Rutgers University

“I’ve been trying a copy of the HLImage++ software and find it to be very well designed to meet our needs in performing imaging experiments. The variety of tools and the ease of using them is remarkable. I personally believe that the idea of using independent tools which can be modified and linked together is the only right way to implement software for doing scientific research, where one hardly knows what he’ll need to try the next day”. Sincerely yours,

Sergey M. Dzekunov, Dept. of Chemistry, Georgetown University

“I make money by using products that work quickly, and a lot of the products I see don’t perform the way they are advertised. HLImage++ really works. Its flexibility is unsurpassed in the industry”.

Jim Saudargas, Concepts In Computing