HLImage++ supplies you with a large set of tools. If you require additional functionality, you can create your own custom set of tools (plug-in modules). All of your custom tools will work with any other tools loaded in the HLImage++ environment. If desired, they will also be Point & Click Script enabled, so they can be used for machine vision or any other demanding type of imaging application.

Adding in a custom tool is straight forward and a simple procedure because we provide you with all the code and documentation necessary to get your base tool up and running quickly (usually in under 1 hour).

You will only need to be familiar with the Visual C/C++ 6.0. If you know how to edit a dialog box procedure and process standard windows messages, you should be all set. If you need any help, we offer training courses and technical support as well as free example custom tools.

Our plug-ins are very different from other applications on the market. HLImage++ does not just simply call a user defined DLL like other applications. Instead it actually loads the plug-in and its GUI (graphical user interface). More important, it provides an environment which the plug-in can actually communicate with the main app, the other tools, and the outside world. Thus, you can get started quickly and easily writing a custom tool that does what you want , and not be bothered by a lot of wasted programming. And because we support Visual C/C++, you don’t need to be worried about hitting a brick wall when it comes to doing something a bit out of the ordinary ( which is what vision/imaging is all about! ) like you will with a macro language!

Although adding in a custom tool is quite simple, the easiest way to create a custom tool is to let our cowboys do it for you as we have been doing it for over 10 years. Our cost is only a fraction of what you would expect to pay, and it costs nothing to ask. All our work is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction or you pay nothing; and yes partner, it really is just that simple.

Even with the extra cost of a custom tool (if you need one), the total cost of HLImage++ and the tool many times will be far less than a single copy of other software on the market today.

All the tools shipping with HLImage++ were created the exact same way a custom tool is created. This is because HLImage++ was designed from the ground up to continually support new imaging functionality via custom tools.