HLImage++ was specifically designed with the idea of users creating their own custom applications of all kinds; including machine vision, medical, scientific, and simple general imaging applications. At the core of HLImage++ is a rich set of easy to use object oriented C++ APIs and a Main Application with easy to use plug-in technology. HLImage++ offers three different easy ways to create custom imaging applications.

The easiest way to create a custom application is to let our cowboys do it for you as we have been doing it for over 10 years. Our cost is only a fraction of what you would expect to pay, and it costs nothing to ask. All our work is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction or you pay nothing; and yes partner, it really is just that simple.

The next easiest way is to use the HLImage++ Main application and add in your own custom tools and use it with any combination of our tools. If you want, we can re-name and change the look of the main app so it looks custom to you or your customers. By using the Main Application you don’t have to do any programming for opening, saving, showing, zooming, ROIs, Overlays, clipboard, etc… it’s all done for you by the main application. You just concentrate on your specific needs. Using this path, most can have a custom application out-the-door in just a few days/weeks not a few months/years…

Using Visual C++ 6.0 with the HLImage++ API gives you complete control. Plus, the API has built in support for open/save, image display and zoom, and full ROI control, as well as all the power found in all tools and through out HLImage++. Our tech support department can help you along the way with pre-made examples as well as custom help.

If you want to find out for yourself just how easy it is, down load our free demo with full API included. Make sure to ask our support department if you have any questions.