HLImage++® is an object-oriented image processing and machine vision software product that runs under Windows 7 and Windows XP.

The software is ideal for scientific imaging applications requiring measuring, counting, edge tracking, calibration, data logging, size distribution analysis, and many other measurements. Using its powerful Point & Click Scripting and/or Object oriented (OOP) API the software has been used around the world to solve unique industrial machine vision applications.

HLImage++ can be used at three different levels:

  • As an out-of-the-box stand-alone imaging application with powerful pre-defined imaging tools
  • As a base for the addition of user-written custom tools that include a custom Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • As an object-oriented API (application programming interface) for custom image processing applications.

HLImage++ 2011 is an extended and improved version of the popular HLImage++ software product that has been shipping since 1995.

Main Application

In order to make HLImage++ powerful, expandable, and still easy to use and understand, the application is segmented into two distinct parts: a Main Application and a set of Tools.

The Main Application lets you load, view, save, print and modify images with the supported tools. It allows you to view the same image with different output Look Up Tables (LUTs) in different viewports simultaneously while zoomed, un-zoomed, or scaled. You can have an unlimited number of open viewports, each capable of using an unlimited number of different Regions Of Interest (ROIs) simultaneously.

By breaking the application into two distinct parts, a user can quickly accomplish very complex tasks and have a custom solution with very little effort. This allows our customers to re-distribute their own custom tools with our main application under private label into vertical markets. Using this method, a customer can create a custom application without re-doing the ‘common’ work demanded by most imaging applications.

Object-oriented Tools

HLImage++ supplies a large number of imaging “tools” that can be used to operate on an image. The software also has many pre-built image processing and vision tools and is designed so custom tools can be built easily by anyone familiar with Visual C++.

Because HLImage++ takes advantage of object-oriented technology, all tools work with all relevant image and ROI types. This means, for example, that you can find blobs in a color image the same way you would find them in a grayscale image. You can also take histograms from any image type using any ROI type!

Easy to Extend, if needed

With the power of the built-in Point & Click Script, you can use HLImage++ right out of the box to solve and automate the toughest imaging and vision applications. Imaging is demanding however; that is why HLImage++ provides you with a straightforward method of extending its power by creating custom imaging tools and/or applications. If you need something extra, create a custom tool and pop it into HLImage++ and/or use its supplied object-oriented API to create your own fully custom application. The HLImage++ user manual leads you through the process step-by-step.

Image Types

HLImage++ supports six different image types: binary, eight-bit grayscale, 16-bit grayscale, 32-bit grayscale, floating point grayscale and true 24-bit RGB color images. All of HLImage++ tools can access the relevant image types transparently and simultaneously.

Region-of-Interest Types

HLImage++ supports eight different region of interest types including: point, rectangle, ellipse, straight line, polyline, freehand line, poly-freehand and freehand. An unlimited number of ROIs may be attached to an image. The ROIs can be edited, moved, resized, copied, rotated, and deleted.

On-Line Support

HLImage++ provides an entire on-line manual with step-by-step examples for both its main application and all tools. The package also includes an interactive multimedia CD-ROM of visual examples, making it easy and fun to learn HLImage++.