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Machine Visions Tools Corp is a company dedicated to the field of Machine Vision and Image Processing. Our flagship product, HLImage++®, has been helping customers in all areas of machine vision since 1995. We offer the following products and services:

  • HLImage++ 2011
    Our flagship product. This is a Machine Vision and Image Processing Windows based application and set of Object Oriented APIs that runs under Windows 7 and Windows XP.
  • Training
    We offer training courses centered around our HLImage++® product. These courses can be tailored to your specific needs and to your specific application. We offer these courses both off site (at your location) and on site (at our location).
  • Custom Software
    We offer custom tools and custom applications centered around our API. If you have a specific need, want a custom application, but don't want to do the programming, we can build custom software to suit your needs; often for less than the cost of a single copy of our competitors software.
  • Consulting
    We offer a wide range of consulting based around our HLImage++® software. If you need any of the above, and want to do it in-house, let us help you along the way. Simply let us know how we can help.

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About HLImage++

HLImage++® is an object-oriented image processing and machine vision software product that runs under Windows 7 and Windows XP.

The software is ideal for scientific imaging applications requiring measuring, counting, edge tracking, calibration, data logging, size distribution analysis, and many other measurements. Using its powerful Point & Click Scripting and/or Object oriented (OOP) API the software has been used around the world to solve unique industrial machine vision applications.

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Supported Hardware

HLImage++ supports a wide variety of DirectX, DCAM, 1394a/b, and USB hardware.

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The Main HLImage++ Application

The Main Application of HLImage++ is that part of the software that loads all the imaging tools and lets them work together. Using this methodology, our supplied standard tools and your custom tools can all function together simultaneously.

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Custom Machine Vision Applications

HLImage++ was specifically designed with the idea of users creating their own custom applications of all kinds; including machine vision, medical, scientific, and simple general imaging applications. At the core of HLImage++ is a rich set of easy to use object oriented C++ APIs and a Main Application with easy to use plug-in technology. HLImage++ offers three different easy ways to create custom imaging applications.

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Custom Machine Vision Tools

HLImage++ supplies you with a large set of tools. If you require additional functionality, you can create your own custom set of tools (plug-in modules). All of your custom tools will work with any other tools loaded in the HLImage++ environment. If desired, they will also be Point & Click Script enabled, so they can be used for machine vision or any other demanding type of imaging application.

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Contact Machine Vision Tools Corp

Contact us for sales, technical support, or other information.

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Buy HLImage++

The full HLImage++ product is very large. Usually, its cost can be low (from only $95 to $995) based on the needs of the specific customer.

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